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Princess Parties

Having a princess party is a great kids party idea for every little princess. We want to help you create a day that your little princess will remember forever. As your Princess grows into a glamour girl we can help celebrate many theme party ideas for years to come. Each girl will have their hair and makeup done, nail polish which is all age appropriate and safe. Dress up clothing includes feather boas, tiaras and fairy wings. (also, a wide range for older girls) We finish the party with a red-carpet fashion show, and photo shoot. Where time permits we also include age appropriate games. This is a great party idea for all ages


Feature 1.

After their hair has been done and nails painted, the girls have a wide range of dress ups to choose from where we do a red carpet fashion shoot following their desired outfit choices. 


Feature 2

We also offer a venue for your use at our hairdressing salon - the girls just love this and feel like "grown up's". We have a beautiful area which we set up with food and beverages.

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Feature 3

All children love games, so we offer a wide range of games full of fun and tailored to your daughters favourite's

Super Star Chef Party

With the popularity of reality TV shows about cooking this party is perfect for boys, girls or mixed parties. Children can embrace the world of cuisine in your very own kitchen. You can relax while your children race each other to make their own dough and then decorate. Under strict supervision of course! All the party food is provided as the kids cook and eat as they go.  All children will design their own chef hats and can take them home along with the food that they make


Feature 1.

Food - the childre nead and make their own cookies. They also make, design and cook their own pizza and decorate their own cupcakes.

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Feature 2

Heaps of party fun full of games and dress up chief wear. The children design their own chief hats and wear approns.



Feature 3

Table layout - with their own rolling pins, cookie cutters, cake decorations, approns, hats, colouring in pencils and stickers, pizza making equipment and loads more


High Tea

“I’m a little teapot short and stout, here is my handle and here is my spout” This glamorous tea-party planning service can be brought to your home, local park or other area location. High Tea Parties will suit little ladies from the ages of 4 to 16. ‘Little Ladies ‘enjoy dressing up, games on etiquette, glamour bags and digs into the jewelry box. A High Tea party can be designed to fit the theme of your choice including makeover sessions and fashion shows or fashion photo shoots. A high tea party is a great kids party idea!


Feature 1

We offer a wide range of food for all taste bud types. We cater for party sizes as small as six to as big as thirty


Feature 2

We offer high tea parties for all ages. Choose a venue and we can come to you and take care of everything. Its a great option for a hen's day, ladies catch up, baby shower and  of course litle girls high tea party.


Feature 3

Games are a part of any party and something every little girl loves, we are happy to incorporate their favourite games but we have along list to make their party super fun.

Designer Children Parties

This consultation allows you to tackle your child’s birthday party on you own, but saves you an incredible amount of time making mistakes, researching options, and being disorganized.

How it Works: We will take you through the steps of planning a birthday party and you will walk away with a birthday party planning template, event planning checklists, and four referrals to vendors of your categorical choosing. In 1-2 hours, we will cover:  Finding relevant suppliers and working with them; the best way to time your speclaised day; budgeting your day; designing your party and other helpful tips.

For destination birthday parties, we discuss topics such as working in different currencies, traveling with and shipping event items, managing guest accommodation, and much more!


Princess Parties

The perfect party for the energetic, pink, princess who loves everything pretty and fun

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Superstar Chef Parties

For the budding little chefs, this is a great party for enjoying food and cooking with their little friends.

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Designer Parties

Let us help you create your dream party. From finding you the right invitation to the colour scheme of your cho.

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Pamper Parties

Pamper parties are the ultimate pamper session for your little princess

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