Full Design & Coordination

A wedding is not just about the day itself. It’s about the planning experience too. Those 24 spectacular hours really do just go too fast, so why not make your whole engagement something to celebrate? Having Glamourpuss events there for your full design and coordination means a whole lot less stress and much more fun, plus a few glasses of champagne along the way. From escorting you to each venue viewing appointment, attending dress fittings, and then executing your wedding day with precision, an Extraordinary Bride and Groom know that having a trusted expert there for these once in a lifetime moments means better results and peace of mind.

Fee: Starts at $2,500

Multi-Day Wedding Planning

Hosting a wedding where several dinners or activities are held over 2-4 days is simply magical. It allows guests to meet before the wedding day, gives the bride and groom time to spend time with loved ones, and means the festivities last a little longer. It also means there are more logistical concerns to be managed. From the big items such as finding a suitable venue and locating the perfect guest accommodation to the tiniest of details such as welcome packages, we help with it all.

How it Works: We plan a multi-day wedding just like a full design and coordination but when we visit venues we also visit hotels where your guests may stay as well as options for other events to take place. We are there every day of your wedding events to keep things running smoothly.

Fee: Starts at $3,500

Day-Of Wedding Coordination

You’ve booked the venue and sourced your suppliers. You’ve chosen your dress and carefully coordinated all your colors. You’ve spent countless hours perfecting every detail. But, who is going to ensure that your tables are set just as you imagined, all your suppliers have arrived on time, the day stays on schedule, and so much more? Glamourpuss Events knows how incredibly precious your wedding day is and loves nothing more than bringing your vision to life on the day so you can be a guest at your own wedding. This is going to be the best day of your life, enjoy every single second.

How it works: We will learn every aspect of your wedding, confirm every detail with your suppliers in the two weeks before, and be there on the day from dawn until the first dance. See our blog post about on-the-day coordination here.

Fee: Starts at $900

Venue Search

The single most important decision you will make is where you will have your wedding. Do you want outdoor space? Does it have a great rain plan? Does it require huge amounts of effort (i.e., a big budget) to make it spectacular or does it have natural beauty? Does it suit your style and party size? Will caterers have to walk through your drinks reception to set dinner up? There is an endless number of factors to take into account and having a trained eye point out pros, cons, and potential solutions to logistical concerns can be very helpful.

How it works: You brief us on what you are looking for. Then, we present you with 3-5 options, listing each venue’s prices, pros, cons, and potential solutions to any logistical concerns. You are then left to visit each one and make your decision at a time convenient to you.

Fee: $300

Bespoke Planning

Your wedding is unique and cannot be packaged. If you need wedding planning that is not full design & coordination, day-of coordination or venue sourcing please get in touch and we will prepare a bespoke proposal for you. Whether it is helping you bring your grand plans together, sourcing a last couple suppliers, or adding in a few design elements to make your day really wow, nothing is too big or too small.

How it Works: Get in touch and let us know what you are looking for. Following a complimentary phone or in-person meeting we will prepare a custom proposal and quote.

Fee: Varies


You are officially engaged and now you get to plan your wedding! This consultation allows you to tackle your wedding on you own, but saves you an incredible amount of time making mistakes, researching vendors, and being disorganized.

How it Works: We will take you through the steps of planning a wedding and you will walk away with a wedding planning templates, wedding planning checklists, and four referrals to vendors of your categorical choosing. In 3-4 hours, we will cover: Finding wedding suppliers and working with them; the best way to time your wedding day; budgeting your wedding; designing your ceremony and reception, general wedding etiquette, and other helpful tips. For destination weddings, we discuss topics such as working in different currencies, traveling with and shipping wedding items, managing guest accommodation, and much more!

Fee: $350